Plans have been submitted to build 38 one and two bedroom apartments on the site of the former Bangor City Social Club on Deiniol Road.

The planning application from Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd (CCG) aims to provide quality affordable accommodation close to the heart of Bangor.

The development would see a broad range of apartment types offered on four floors with lift access comprising 23 x 2 bedroom 3 person apartments and 15 x 1 bedroom 2 person apartments, several with balconies, totalling 38 apartments altogether.

The apartments would be served by 38 car parking spaces, 6 of which are for occupiers/visitors with disabilities. Additionally, the scheme would provide 2 motorcycle parking spaces and covered space for the storage of 15 cycles. Part of the car park is covered under the proposed building, with the remainder being open.

Under the current proposal the development will offer 30% of the apartments at market rent, 45% will be let on an “Intermediate Rental” basis which will result in them being available at less than market value, with the remaining 25% a being rented “Social Housing” units.

The proposed scheme aims to provide affordable Housing for both local people wanting to work and live in the area and others moving into the area from outside, such as key workers within the health, police and education sectors.

Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd (CCG) is an independent not-for-profit Registered Social Landlord (RSL). They were formed as result of the transfer of around 6300 homes from Gwynedd Council in 2010. Since the transferred homes have been under their ownership and management they have invested £137million to refurbish them to bring them up to the Welsh Housing Quality Standard.

In addition, CCG aim to provide homes for local people who wish to remain and work in their communities. This site in Deiniol Road offers an ideal opportunity to support the continued regeneration of Bangor offering a range of different apartment types and tenures.

A Community and Linguistic Statement said: “The proposals are supported by Gwynedd County Council as supporting their Local Housing Strategy and contributing to meeting the need for “Affordable Housing” in the locality. It is anticipated the proposal will also receive some capital grant funding support from Welsh Government. These units will be built to meet Welsh Government’s Design Quality Requirements and Lifetime Home Standards.

“The Intermediate rental properties will be allocated in line with CCG’s Intermediate Rental Policy which seeks to meet the needs of those applicants that are economically active but unable to meet their housing needs without assistance.

“The Social Rented units will be allocated via the Housing Register and CCG will be liaising with the Local Authority to identify tenants for the scheme.

“The scheme will deliver a high quality affordable housing development that will not only help to meet affordable housing demand in the area but will support the local economy and services while providing local employment and training opportunities.

“The new apartments will meet the highest standards of energy efficiency, providing a range of housing tenures to meet local needs and to promote a sustainable neighbourhood. The design approach recognizes the city’s local history, regional significance, character, and important landmarks within Bangor. When considering a design solution for this important brownfield site it is important to recognize the local context of the area and the opportunities it affords to improve the fabric of the City.”

Previous Planning Application

A planning application for the “demolition of the existing building and erection of 49 flats and parking area” at Bangor City Social Club, was refused by Gwynedd County Council on 21 April 2008.

An appeal against the refusal was made to the Minister for the Environment, Sustainability, and Housing, where the appointed Inspector held a public inquiry into the refusal, and resolved to allow the appeal and grant planning permission for 49 x 1 and 2 bedroom apartments in December 2008.

Bangor City Council have said they support the plans but voiced concerns whether the parking spaces would be adequate and about the height of the development as to whether it would be in keeping the surrounding area.

For further information and to see the full Planning Application Reference Number: C19/0078/11/LL Click Here