An orphaned otter pup has been rescued in Bangor and is now receiving expert care at the RSPCA wildlife centre at Stapeley Grange, near Nantwich in Cheshire.

The female otter pup is thought to be about 3-4 weeks old and was found by a member of the public before being taken to a local vet, she was then transferred to the wildlife centre in Cheshire, where she will be hand-reared by staff.

A spokesperson from Stapeley Grange said: “Initially the otter was a little dehydrated but is now much brighter.

“We don’t know the full history, but pups can often become separated from their mothers after heavy rain or flooding.

“She’s about 3-4 weeks old, so hasn’t opened her eyes yet, we are syringe feeding her with substitute milk four times a day.

“Otter pups usually stay with their mothers for around 12 months, so it’s a long weaning process, but if she makes a full recovery she will be released back into the wild, which would hopefully be back in North Wales.”

Otters thrive best when reared in groups of two or three, with minimal human contact to avoid dependency, although on her own at the moment, the centre usually have a number of young otters admitted at this time of the year, in which case they would be reared together.

Asked about whether the otter had been named, the spokesperson said: “She hasn’t been named yet, but a Welsh name would be nice.”