Bangor City Football Club have released a statement this afternoon relating to the finances of the club, after the electricity and water supply were turned off on Monday, with bills totalling £25,000 unpaid.

The club owe a total of £80,000 in unpaid bills which also includes unpaid players’ wages and a settlement for a former groundsman who has left the club.

The official club statement read: “On Monday morning Bangor City Football Club was issued with a £16,000 demand for electricity. The electric has been used by Nantporth CIC and Bangor City Football Club. This led to its disconnection.

“We understand Nantporth CIC are in the process of changing over to a different supplier for the 3G pitch floodlights which makes up a majority portion of the overall bill. This has not happened as yet. However, unjustly the bill is in the name of Bangor City Football Club.

“This was followed by a water rates demand of £9,000 the same day which has now also been turned off. The Football Club is responsible to pay this bill.

“Negotiations are in place to get both bills settled and brought up to date as soon as possible.

“We are still waiting on funds being released from the FAW which has also hindered our cashflow.

“Bangor City’s creditors list is approximately £80,000 in its entirety. This includes bringing players and staff wages up to date as well as paying compensation to our former groundsman.

“The club has been in negotiations with investors and sponsors for the past two months and are very close to securing a new stadium sponsor.

“The Football Club will be requesting its shareholders to assist with the current financial situation and the club endeavours to get ready for Saturday’s league fixture v Gresford FC.“