Coastguards and lifeboat crews were deployed on Friday, 7 January, after concerns for a Yacht dragging its mooring and drifting towards Bangor Pier.


Beaumaris Lifeboat attended the incident, its first launch of 2022, after they were paged from U.K. Coastguard Centre at Holyhead relating to the unmanned yacht, which was adrift near Glyn Garth flats on the Menai Strait.

In addition to the lifeboat, Mobile Coastguard Rescue Teams from Bangor and Penmon had also been tasked to attend the incident.

Once on scene and having ensured that no one was aboard the vessel, an assessment was made by the helmsman as to the best course of action. It was decided for safety reasons that as the vessel was drifting in the main channel it should be towed back to the safety of the nearest mooring or berth.

The lifeboat crew took the boat in tow initially a tow to a berth at Porth Penrhyn dock, but as the vessel was a keel yacht this was deemed unsuitable. Consequently, the Penmon Mobile Coastguard team arranged for the craft to be moored near Menai Bridge.

Once the tow was competed and the boat safely moored, the lifeboat and coastguard teams were stood down and returned to station to await the next call.