The Bangor City Football Club Supporters Association (BCFCSA), which has raised over £100,000 for the club, has suspend all activity for the next three months, after a number of key positions on the committee remain unfilled.

The BCFCSA, who are independent of Bangor City Football Club, were formed in 2004 with the main aim to hold social events that would bring supporters together and to help raise funds the club.

In addition to holding numerous fundraising event, The BCFCSA have helped the club financially over the years by contributing to the signing-on fees of first-team players, assisting with the club’s financial commitments, funding the reserve side and providing equipment for the club’s academy.

At the BCFCSA Annual General Meeting in July, the vice chairman, treasurer, secretary, press officer and merchandising officer all resigned their positions. As the football club decided to take over the sale of merchandise for 2018-19, it was decided that there was no need to appoint a new merchandising officer and the BCFCSA would need to refocus its role.

The BCFCSA announced this evening that the chairman of the BCFCSA, Einion Williams, had also decided to step down, and as they have been unable to fill all of the committee positions for the coming season, all activity of the BCFCSA will be suspended for the next three months.

It is hoped that this period will allow people to ‘step forward’ and put their stamp on the association’s future.

All further announcements on the future of the BCFCSA are expected to be made over social media in due course.