Dr Nikki Sommers, an Emergency Department Doctor at Ysbyty Gwynedd, has implemented a morale boosting idea called ‘GREATix’ to support her fantastic colleagues.

Greatix is a computer based system that allows the reporting of ‘positive and supportive behaviour’ while Datix is an existing ‘patient safety software’ that allows the reporting of an incident, hazard or ‘near miss’ within hospitals.

Dr Sommers explained: “In a nutshell Greatix is the opposite of Datix, it’s about rewarding positive behaviour.

“You can nominate anyone for a Greatix in any department, it’s very easy to do via a computer, you then receive a Greatix in your email or Matron gives them out to the nurses.

“You get a nice feeling when you’ve been thanked for your hard work, it really makes you feel positive.”

“I recently nominated one of our pharmacy colleagues, since she started working in our department she’s really made a difference.”

Ceri Davies the Pharmacy assistant who received the Greatix said: “It made me feel really happy and appreciated and demonstrated my positive impact to patient care.”

Dr Sommers first heard about Greatix at a conference in Birmingham, she said: “The Emergency department is a really challenging environment to work in, but being able to thank our staff and spread positivity and love around the department is really making a difference.”