Work is progressing well at the Emergency Department in Ysbyty Gwynedd. As part of Phase 2, the floors for the Clinical Decisions Unit and office space and progressed with the first fix, internal partitions and mechanical engineering recently being completed.

The £13.89 million redevelopment work began in 2017 and is likely to take 3 years to complete. The improvements at the Emergency Department, will create more capacity to deal with peaks in demand while improving the environment for patients, staff and visitors alike.

Decontamination Room

A new decontamination room has been built as part of the improvement works which will be used if any patients who have been exposed to a chemical agent require treatment at the Emergency Department.

Staff recently took part in a classroom session on managing patients who have been involved in chemical incidents. If this were to happen a team would be deployed to decontaminate the patients in the new larger unit. This procedure was then tested in the new suite where staff created a ‘real scenario’ to practice their training.


Dementia Training

Staff from the Emergency Department also received skilled dementia training to ensure they are able to offer the best care for people visiting the department with dementia.

They also received a visit from leading dementia campaigner, Chris Roberts, 57, who was diagnosed with vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 51.

Chris has lent his support to a new Dementia Strategy developed by Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board which was launched during May. It outlines how the health board will build on progress made in recent years to improve the experience of all people with dementia who access health services in North Wales.

The plans will be implemented in the Emergency Department and staff will aim to recognise those people who become extremely anxious, distressed or frightened in the department and give priority to their care.

New Artwork

Beautiful images of familiar local landscapes now adorn the walls of Ysbyty Gwynedd’s Emergency Department thanks to textile artist Josie Russell.

Josie, who is well-known for her unique designs, is the first artist to donate her images to be used on the walls of the Emergency Department.

The talented artist has kindly donated her images to be used as part of an art project to help create a more welcoming environment for patients and visitors.

She said: “It was wonderful to visit the Emergency Department and to see my designs up on the wall of the new waiting area.

“My textile work is made with a number of different materials so it was the first time I have seen my designs on vinyl wall transfers and I am very impressed!”

Josie, who exhibits her work in a number of galleries in the area, said she was pleased to be able to contribute towards brightening up the new waiting area in the department.

“I always like to help where I can in my local community and it’s really nice to see that the images have helped to bring a bit more colour to the waiting area of the department.

“It will be nice for those who are waiting to be seen for treatment to have some familiar sights to look at which can help take their mind off things,” she added.

Funding for the art project has been made possible by the generous donation of £12,756.00 by the Royal Air Force Valley (RAF). The donation, given to the North Wales NHS Charity, Awyr Las, will also support recliner chairs for our patients living with dementia.

Hospital Director, Meinir Williams said: “We would like to thank Josie for allowing us to use her beautiful images to help brighten up our new waiting area in the department.

“She is incredibly talented and a very inspirational woman and we are very proud to have her work up on our walls.”

The Emergency Department would like to use digital images of local artists work inspired by locations across the region. If you are a local artist that would like to contribute images for consideration, or would like more information about the art project at the Emergency Department you can get in touch for more information by emailing

Some of Josie Russell’s new art work at Ysbyty Gwynedd’s Emergency Department