A community project, commissioned by Storiel in Bangor, will lead to the creation of an artwork inspired by Gwynedd’s history and the museum collections at Storiel. The outcome project, which is called Self, will result in the artwork being installed outside Storiel during 2018.

Work has already begun to interact with the people and children of Gwynedd to gather ideas through a series of activities and events.

Llyr Erddyn Davies is the young artist who is leading the project. Llyr is based in Caernarfon, and since graduating in Fine Arts (B.A Hons) in 2014 from Falmouth University, has continued to work as a mixed media artist in the town. He is part of the CARN network, and was one of the resident artists of STAMP: Island site, Caernarfon as part of Ideas, People and Places regeneration project.

Llyr said: “The exhibition is an accumulation of work and ideas with personal prints and drawings and clay pieces created by the public. There will be opportunities during the exhibition for feedback on the project by the visitors through different activities.”

The project is ongoing and the aim is to locate the final artwork or works on site at Storiel. This exhibition is open until 17 March.

Storiel is open Tuesday-Saturday 11am-5pm.