Welsh actor Yoland Williams, has been involved in an argument about ordering chips in Welsh at Table Table, in Parc Menai, Bangor, and has accused the restaurant of being anti-Welsh.

Mr Williams said he was snubbed by staff for speaking Welsh at the restaurant, but according to one of the managers at Table Table, Mr Williams has been banned from the restaurant for raising his voice to staff and behaving ‘arrogantly.’

The actor, who is best known for his role as ‘Teg Morris’ in Pobol y Cwm, visited Table Table with a friend recently, however, when he tried to place an order for some chips in Welsh, he says the restaurant staff refused to serve him.

Mr Williams, who was born in Bangor, said: “I went in there with my friend for a cup of coffee originally. I ordered us both a latte and afterwards I asked at the bar (in Welsh) Can I have two portions of chips please?”

According to Mr Williams, the server at the bar replied that he did not understand and after the actor repeated his order to another Barman, he was told: “Yeah, well I don’t speak Welsh either”

Mr Williams then asked “Can you get somebody that speaks Welsh please, How hard is it? ‘dau bortion o chips’most of that is in English anyway, apart from the word ‘dau’, which is two.”

Mr Williams said he was then refused to be served and the manager asked him and his friend to leave. He said: “There was no apology, it was terrible to think that I am in north Wales.

“I live in Cardiff, and I am used to people speaking English, but up in the north, most places I go to, everyone can at least count to two in Welsh, if I had asked for two bowls of chips please, in pure Welsh, I’d half-understand.

“The two of us were escorted out through the door, and that’s a disgrace to be honest, that the Welsh language is being insulted.”

A manager at Table Table, denied that staff are anti-Welsh and that the server apologised to Mr Williams because he can not speak Welsh.

The manager said: “Many of the management staff are from other sites, some of the managers do not speak Welsh.

Mr Williams, who insists there was no apology from the bar staff, told ‘Golwg360’ that had the barperson said: “I’m sorry, I don’t speak Welsh, I wish I could, I don’t understand what you’re saying’.” he would have understood and that would of been the end of the matter, but the server just said: ” ‘I don’t understand what you’re saying’.”

According to the manager, Mr Williams was disrespectful and raised his voice to the server and accused him of being anti-Welsh. He said: “I know for a fact he is not anti-Welsh, his family are all Welsh, his girlfriend is Welsh, everyone knows he’s Welsh, so I would say that’s not anti-Welsh.

“He [Yoland Williams] raised his voice and I asked him politely to leave. We have banned him from the pub now because of the way he was talking to three members of staff. we will not welcome him here. That’s not because he has ordered in Welsh, but for his arrogance.”

Yoland Williams insisted that he had not raised his voice and said he will not “darken the anti-Welsh place ever again”.