An App which takes you on a tour of the Jewish history of Bangor is now available to download for free. You will be able to uncover the hidden history of Jews in the city from medieval times to the present day.

Although very few traces of their presence survive, Jewish immigrants to Bangor had a significant impact on the civic, cultural, political and economic life of the city and it is this hidden history can now be uncovered in this location aware app.

The app makes use of the location capabilities of your phone to show the nearest historical points of interest when walking around Bangor and can also alert you to these locations when you pass nearby.

An exhibition uncovering Bangor’s Jewish history will take place at the ‘Bangor Arts Initiative’ Gallery in the Deiniol Shopping Centre, Bangor, from 2-4 p.m. on Sunday 17th March. All are welcome to attend and it’s free.

There will be short introductions by project supervisor, Professor Nathan Abrams of the School of Music and Media at Bangor University, and Gareth Roberts of The Menter Fachwen Walk and Discover Project who assisted with the creation of the map.

Local residents are encouraged to come and share their memories of Bangor’s Jewish community, including the well-known stores, Wartski’s and Pollecoff’s.

Professor Abrams said: “The City of Bangor and surrounding areas have had a rich Jewish history, but unfortunately, as the community has declined and dissolved, and our high street has been transformed, not many people know of this history.

“It’s right there in front of our eyes but hidden in plain sight. And this map, app and exhibition not only records this history but also helps you to find it.

“We hope that people will come and tell us their stories before they are forgotten.”

The app is available for iOS devices and is Free. The content is available in both Welsh and English languages and is available to download here: