To coincide with this year’s ‘Year of the Sea’, Storiel are offering several exhibitions which explore themes relating to the sea and coast.

The Tideline exhibition presents new work by the artist Tim Pugh, which was inspired by his collection of Victorian and Edwardian artefacts collected from the shoreline in North Beach, Whiteheaven, Cumbria.

Since graduating in 1989 with a BA degree in Ceramics, Tim has been a self-employed professional artist who has showcased his works in many galleries, museums and other places in the UK and internationally.

Tim said: “The pieces of ceramic, glass and other fragments are suggestive of domestic life and originate from an old underwater midden located off Whitehaven harbour. The artefacts evoke snapshots of a bygone age and over the last two years I have been sketching details from the ceramic finds onto beach boulders and washed up plastic bags deposited on the beach.

“I have also created site-specific temporary beach interventions incorporating mixed media and drawing. I use pen, charcoal and paint markers to sketch out the poignant and melancholy imagery that is suggestive of a narrative or storyline.

“The display cases contain small installations making use of the artefacts which are segregated and arranged into metal frames, also sourced from the tideline.”

The Tideline exhibition can be seen at Storiel, Bangor until 30 June. Storiel is open Tuesday-Saturday 11am-5pm.