Bangor City Football Club Supporters Association have released a statement which says they are “hugely concerned” about developments at the club and they have taken ‘professional advice’ as to what action they can take.

The club recently announced they owe £25,000 in unpaid utility bills, which has resulted in the electricity and water supply being turned off at their Nantporth stadium. As a result Bangor had to play their last ’home’ game at Conwy Borough.

A number of first team players left in January, with the club owing £80,000 in unpaid bills which includes unpaid players’ wages.

The Citizens were relegated from the Welsh Premier League last season due to financial reasons and the club auditors resigned last October with an 11-point letter of concerns about how they say the club was being managed.

In December the club announced a takeover was ‘imminent’ and talks about the takeover were at an ’advanced stage‘. The club’s owner Vaughan Sports Management had previously said they were willing to sell the club to the fans “if they think they can run it better”.




The full statement from the BCFCSA read: “The BCFCSA, as significant shareholders within Bangor City Football Club, have been hugely concerned as to the high profile developments relating to Bangor City Football Club over many months.

“Failure to achieve the domestic licence due to financial concerns, subsequent demotion to the Cymru Alliance and serious concerns raised within the resignation of the Club’s auditors (23/10/18) led the BCFCSA to take professional advice as to what action it can legally and responsibly take to ensure the best outcome for the football club and local community.

“The BCFCSA have conducted initial discussions with a range of stakeholders with the aim of identifying how best to consolidate a position that enables the club to move forward. We hope to encourage a situation that is both sustainable and reflects the proud heritage of the football club.

“Every Bangor fan cherishes the role that Bangor City has played within the sporting history of the city, region and Wales. We endeavour to be custodians of the club’s heritage.”