Gwynedd Council have approved plans to install 160 solar panels on the roof of Bangor University’s Main Arts building on College Road, which is a Grade I listed building.

The plans for energy-saving panels, which will be installed on the flat roof of the historical building, are part of a larger scheme to reduce the university’s carbon footprint and to improve energy efficiency.

The university said the system offered a “great investment and opportunity”. It is estimated that 41,400 kWh of energy will be generated by the panels, potentially saving 21.45 tonnes of CO2 per year.

In a statement, the university said: “The installation of solar panels increases the energy efficiency of the site.

“It will provide a source of affordable and clean energy for a period exceeding 20 years, with a payback in investment within half this time.”

Council planning officers said any visual impact would be acceptable as the panels would be placed on the more modern part of the building and would also be set back 1m from the edge, only being visible from adjoining university properties, owing to the height and location of the building.