A Robotic ‘Petting Zoo’ will be visiting Pontio in Bangor between 4-10th December, giving people the opportunity to meet and interact with the robots and you can even feed your favourite robot!

Just like humans each robot has its own distinct character, some of the robots are cheerful, others grumpy and another will apologise constantly when bumping into things.

The project is a collaboration between Dutch designer and artist Merel Bekking, Professor Emily S. Cross and Dr. Ruud Hortensius, researchers from Bangor University’s Social Brain in Action lab (SoBA), who have been working on the robots for the last two months and they are now ready to face the world.

Visitors to the petting zoo will be able to interact with the robots and feed their favourite robot with a special robot food, the robots which are fed the most will win a popularity contest, revealing more about the social relationships humans might forge with robots in the future.

This project has allowed Merel to use her research and material-based design techniques to explore and participate in the current debate around human-robot interactions and discover how character design can influence our relationships with robots.

You can also follow the daily lives of robots online, with social media updates and the Robotic Petting Zoo will be live streamed between 10.30am–12pm and 2.30 pm-4 pm during the event, to find out more visit: https://www.roboticpettingzoo.com/

When: 4 – 10 December 2017

Monday to Saturday 10.30 am – 12 pm, 3.30 pm – 4 pm
Sunday 3.30 pm – 4 pm

Where: 2nd Floor Foyer,

Pontio Building

Bangor University,

Deiniol Rd, Bangor LL57 2TQ