The Red Squirrel Trust Wales have confirmed that numbers of Red Squirrels are increasing in Bangor despite an outbreak of the potentially devastating squirrel pox virus in the area during autumn 2017, but the summer of 2018 has seen an important population “bounce back“.

The Squirrel Pox Virus, which is often carried by grey squirrels, is usually fatal to red squirrels, but grey squirrels are immune to the disease. The virus can spread easily through contact between squirrels and experts feared the local red squirrel population could be wiped-out.

The Red Squirrel Trust announced on their website that they have received reports of young red squirrels weaning in Braichmelyn forest, Treborth gardens and Penrhosgarnedd in Bangor.

If you see red squirrel anywhere in the Bangor area please let Red Squirrel Trust Wales know by Email: or by Phone: 07966150847

A young red squirrel in a Bangor garden (Photo Eirwyn Morris)