North Wales Police are backing the national ‘Operation Drive Insured’ campaign, which targets uninsured drivers and runs from Monday 12 November through to Sunday 18 November.

Police have confirmed that 1,000 vehicles have been seized across North Wales this year and another car was seized in Bangor this morning due to no insurance. The driver of the BMW was also only a provisional licence holder so will now face further charges.

Car insurance is a legal requirement, but there are over 1 million uninsured drivers in the UK according to Churchill Insurance, highlighting the fact that many drivers continue to disobey the law. This puts insured drivers at risk if they have a collision with an uninsured driver who is consequently unable to cover third-party costs.

In 2017 The Motor Insurers’ Bureau received 11,000 claims from people involved in accidents with uninsured drivers. It believes insured drivers are generally safer than uninsured because they’re more likely to take care and drive legally to keep insurance costs down.

Uninsured drivers found during Operation Drive Insured could face the following action:

  • Their vehicle seized
  • Six points on their licence
  • £300 fine
  • Possible court prosecution