The 2017 top 10 locations for ‘boy racers’ in the UK has been revealed and Bangor is 2nd on the list, just being knocked off the top spot for car modifications which it held in 2016.

Pimping your car up with big spoilers, noisy exhausts and oversized shiny alloy wheels has been popular for years and now Euro Car Parts has published a league table where modifying a car is most popular.

The league table was created by comparing the total number of performance parts purchased in the last year with the population, Bangor, which topped the table in 2016, was a close second this year, with almost 1 in 13 residents buying a performance car part. This year’s winner was a small town in Warwickshire called Lighthorne.

While you might expect the stereotypical ‘teenage boy racer’ to be the main buyer of car modification gear, they weren’t, 25 – 34-year-olds were the most regular buyers, with 91% per cent of buyers being men. The most popular parts were wheel trims, tailored car mats, engine performance parts and tinting spray.

While the world of the boy racer is dreamland for some, it is often a nightmare for others, driving at high speed, revving engines, wheel spinning, handbrake turns and loud stereos can make residents life a misery. In 2015, North Wales Police launched a crack-down on ‘nuisance’ boy racers in Bangor after complaints from residents.