Recommendations have been put forward for new parliamentary boundaries that could see the number of MPs cut from 650 to 600 with Welsh MPs cut from 40 to 29.

The proposals include the creation of a new constituency of Anglesey and Bangor which would be known as ‘Ynys Mon a Bangor’, amended from the original suggestion of ‘Ynys Mon a Fangor‘. Caernarfon, which is currently combined with Bangor in Arfon, would be included in a new Gwynedd constituency.

Under the proposed changes the size of their electorates would be more equal, with between 71,000 and 79,000 voters in each constituency.

Experts believe the electoral changes would favour the Conservative Party as Labour strong holds tend to be inner-city seats with smaller constituencies.

The Labour Party have accused the Conservatives of a “power grab” while Plaid Cymru claimed the review was “the latest example of Westminster trying to diminish Wales’s voice.”.

The proposals would now have to go before parliament and with Labour strongly objecting and several Conservatives possibly rebelling, there is no guarantee the changes would be approved.