Over 3,000 people have signed a petition against the closure of Gwynedd’s 39 youth clubs, which includes Maesgeirchen youth club in Bangor.

Under the plans, which were approved earlier this month, the youth clubs will be replaced by a ‘county-wide club’ that the council claim would deliver a wide programme of activities.

The new youth service would see a youth worker attached to all of Gwynedd’s secondary schools and personal support would also be available for 16-25 year olds who are facing barriers to education, training or work.

There will also be full-time officers to assist any communities who wish to set-up their own voluntary run clubs, an option which may be considered in Bangor.

The petition states that “Gwynedd Council has cheated and betrayed our young people by threatening to close Youth Clubs across the County.

“These clubs are vital for our young people because they are a place to relax, socialize, discus problems and a place for the Welsh Language to be practiced and spoken.

“Without these clubs there will be a void in the Welsh communities and it will be an utter heartbreak for our young people. Gwynedd council, show some compassion for our young people and do the right thing by keeping our clubs open.”

The youth clubs are set to close from April with the new youth service starting in September 2018.