Maesgeirchen is launching its own calendar for 2018, which will feature historical photos depicting the history of the Bangor housing estate, which was constructed in the 1930s.

The calendar is part of the ‘Maesgeirchen Digital Heritage Project’ which was launched earlier this month. The project is aimed at collating and rejuvenating old photographs of the area and organising a historical art exhibition, based on Maesgeirchen and the surrounding area.

The project is open to all members of the community and residents have been encouraged to become involved in the project, giving them the opportunity to learn valuable new skills relevant to the digital age, as well as gaining a recognised qualification.

Several residents have already come forward with photographs, and one resident has brought an old newspaper article reporting on the bombing of the estate from German mines in World War II.

The end result of the project will be an exhibition and an online data base, as well as the ‘Maes G historical calendar’ which will be created from all from the photographs which have been collected.

The calendar hasn’t yet been finalised, but will be available in time for Christmas, to make the perfect, unique gift!