A new code which will set clear guidelines for landlords and property letting agents on the use of ‘To-Let’ signs in Bangor, will shortly be discussed by Gwynedd Council’s Cabinet.

Following a local consultation on the matter, Cabinet members will consider the voluntary code for controlling ‘To-Let’ signs in the city area in a meeting on 16 October.

This follows concerns raised by local residents and representatives in Bangor about the number of ‘To-Let’ signs in some areas of the city. Concerns had been raised that the very high number of signs was having a negative visual impact on Bangor, as well as affecting the image of the city as a place to live, work and study.

Several letting agencies in Bangor voluntarily agreed to remove ‘To Let’ signs from their properties last year after concerns had been raised that the signs made the streets look cluttered and untidy.

Councillor Dafydd Meurig, Deputy Leader of Gwynedd Council and Cabinet Member for the Environment said: “There has been a clear team effort in Bangor to tackle the high number of ‘To-Let’ signs in areas of the city.

“The proliferation of these signs has been a source of concern for us as an authority and to residents and representatives for some time, and local councillors in the city have been prominent in the discussions to improve the situation. It’s pleasing that landlords, housing letting agencies and others have been prepared to discuss and to consider how to tackle the issue for the benefit of the image of the city of Bangor.

“Over the years, the increase of ‘To Let’ signs has expanded across the city and has been a cause for concern in terms of the visual amenities of the area. But by working together, the number of signs seen in Bangor has reduced significantly over recent months.

“In order to ensure that this improvement continues, we plan to introduce a voluntary code that sets a specific criteria for displaying ‘To-let’ signs. We are grateful to everyone who has taken part in the consultation, and are glad to see that there is strong support for the proposals.

“The criteria being set forward provides a very reasonable code and I am confident that the arrangements will improve the visual environment of the city. I am also very pleased that we are using this opportunity to encourage letting companies to ensure that any sign they choose to display is bilingual and that there is a prominent place for the Welsh language on any advertising material of this type.

“Our hope is that introducing this new code and implementing this reasonable system will improve the visual environment of Bangor without having to take more formal action.”

The Council has consulted on the changes and the vast majority of respondents have been supportive in introducing the voluntary code. The restrictions being put forward include:

  • That only one ‘To let’ board be permitted per building, even if the building has been converted into flats etc;
  • That any board should be mounted flush to the wall above the building’s front door;
  • That no part of the board be permitted higher than the first floor window sill level;
  • Each board to have a White background and conform to the 34cm x 48cm dimensions;
  • One company logo permitted per board and that it should be no bigger than a third of the overall sign;
  • No more than one board per agent or company per street;
  • Boards to be removed within 14 days of granting tenancy;
  • Encourage all signs to be bilingual.

Gwynedd Council’s Cabinet will consider the voluntary code in their meeting on 16 October. If the members support the intention, it is expected that the code will be introduced in early 2019.

An example of correct use of the criteria highlighted in the code for landlords and property letting agents on the displaying of ‘To Let’ signs in Bangor