Hundreds of people attend a rally near the war memorial on Deiniol Road in Bangor for a Brexit protest, which coincided with the People’s Vote March in London this afternoon.

Delegates from the Plaid Cymru spring conference, being held in Bangor over the last two days, were among those attending the rally calling for a People’s Vote on the Brexit proposals.

Arfon MP Hywel Williams, who spoke at the rally, said: “Four million people have signed a petition calling for another poll on Brexit. We need another vote and hopefully reject Brexit.”

The rallies took place after the European Union agreed to delay the UK’s departure from the EU. As things stand unless Prime Minister Theresa May’s deal is passed by MPs, the UK will have to find an alternative plan or leave the EU without a deal on 12 April.

Delyth Jewell AM‏ , Plaid Cymru Shadow International Affairs & Culture Minister, said on Twitter: “Proud to speak at the People‘s Vote rally in Bangor. We’ve gained so much from our EU membership which is why Plaid Cymru will positively campaign with all our might for remaining if we get a referendum.”

A Tweet from Arfon Labour read: “What an amazing turn out it was at Bangor. In solidarity with ’Put It To The People’ (Rally in London) It is NOT undemocratic to put it to a vote when it is voting that makes us a democracy in the first place.”



Photos: Plaid Cymru Arfon / Arfon Labour Party