Gwynedd Council have given their support to a £3million regeneration initiative for Bangor city centre, which will include targeting eyesore buildings and developing a health, family and wellbeing centre.

The Targeted Regeneration Investment (TRI) programme was launched by the Welsh Government and will see £22 million invested in North Wales. Bangor, along with Wrexham, Rhyl and Colwyn Bay have been identified as regional priorities for regeneration between 2018-21.

The initiative aims to improve the condition of buildings and the environment within commercial areas of the city, attract private sector investment, boosting employment and promoting health and wellbeing. The council also hope to attract a further £1.5m to bring empty properties back into use across the county.

While the Welsh Government plan to contribute 70% of the total cost, Gwynedd Council will be expected to find the remaining funds. A proposed £250,000 contribution from the Gwynedd Council’s match-funding pot will start the investment process.

Llyr Jones, senior economic manager, said: “The funds available aren’t likely to be enough to sort all of Bangor’s problems but there is a vision here.

“Bangor isn’t functioning as a sub-regional centre as it should, but there are opportunities here. The emphasis of this programme is to restore buildings.

“Bangor needs a 10-20 year programme, but we should look at this project as the start of that process.”

Cllr Dafydd Meurig welcomed the prospect of a £3m investment for Bangor but warned that the authority must ensure that money is being spent in the best possible way.

Councillors unanimously supported an amendment to approve the £250,000 matched funding, but to hold back on payment until the final proposals for the plan are known.

The initiative aims to improve the appearance of the city












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