A food share scheme has been launched in Bangor, using supermarket surplus of fresh, tasty and in-date food, distributing it to anyone who needs it and saving good food from going to waste.

The food share scheme will run each week on a Sunday between 10am – 2pm from the Bangor Plaid Office at 70 Bangor High Street, LL57 1NR (Between Lidl and The Harp).

The food on offer can vary, but this week included swedes, carrots, bread, cakes, buns, sparkling water and meringue shells!

Councillor Steve Collings, of Deiniol Ward in Bangor, who is helping to organise the scheme said: “We’re distributing supermarket surplus from Tesco (via the FareShare scheme) to anyone who needs it.

“The main goal is to ensure that surplus supermarket food is not wasted and it is available to anyone who needs it. So many people, including many in full time work, are struggling to make ends meet that we are trying to help plug the gap between those who are comfortable and those dependent on food banks. So the food – which would otherwise go to waste – is there for anyone who would appreciate it.

“We hope that the food will go to anyone who finds it useful and are pleased that food that would otherwise have ended up in a landfill is being recycled into the community.”

Some of the food available at the Bangor food share scheme