Health and fitness TV series FFIT Cymru are planning to takeover Bangor High Street next Saturday, 20 April.

The show’s camera crew will be in the city centre, outside Debenhams, between 9am-11am, along with the programme’s leaders, including Bangor University student Mared Fôn Owen, presenter, Lisa Gwilym and personal trainer Rae Carpenter.

Mared, 20, is originally from Bodedern but now lives in Bangor and is a final year student at the University’s School of Welsh and Celtic Studies. Over seven weeks, Mared and the four other new leaders on the programme will be transforming their lives by losing weight and developing new levels of fitness.

Having already lost 10lbs in the first week on the show, Mared said: “It makes me feel far more optimistic for the series now, and it’s given me the kick that I needed, I think. It’s promising for the rest of the series.

“I’ve been doing cardio and resistance exercises on alternate days. I’ve started walking a lot more as well, and I took a day out just to go walking the other day. I’m just enjoying going out and doing everything.”

The show will host a morning of fitness and fun in Bangor, where members of the public can take part in a number of activities alongside the stars of the series. One of the challenges for participants will be to try and burn the amount of calories contained within a Creme Egg.

There will also be a chance to meet and take a selfie with the stars of the S4C series. Everyone welcome to attend.

FFIT Cymru is shown at 8pm every Tuesday evening on S4C, at S4C Clic and BBC iPlayer.

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