A driver was seriously injured after a car crashed through railings and into the water at Hirael Bay in Bangor on Wednesday night.

Beaumaris lifeboat was launched at 10.48 pm on Wednesday at the request of U.K.Coastguard and volunteer crew members of the RNLI Beaumaris lifeboat attended to investigate a police report of a vehicle in the water at Hirael Bay.

The lifeboat arrived at the location at 11.05 pm to commence a search for any occupants of the vehicle that may still be in the water. Meanwhile ashore in addition to officers from the North Wales police an ambulance from the Wales ambulance service together with the Bangor Coastguard Rescue Team attended.

Fortunately in this instance the service of the lifeboat was not required as police and coastguard investigations confirmed only one person was in the motor vehicle.

A North Wales Police spokesman said: “The driver suffered serious, but not life-changing or life-threatening injuries. The incident is currently under investigation.”

It is understood that no other vehicles were involved in the incident.

Anyone who witnessed the collision should call North Wales Police on 101 quoting Ref: W032298.

(Photo: Beaumaris RNLI)