Plans have been approved for development of a temporary pay and display car park, for four years, on the site of the former Bangor City Social Club. The car park will provide up to 75 parking spaces including 4 designated disabled bays, intended primarily for long stay use associated with the nearby Railway Station.

The social club was demolished in 2008 and a subsequent plan to build 49, 1-2 bedroom flats on the site was initially refused but later granted on appeal. The flats were planned as a residential development and not student accommodation. The plans for the residential development on the site are understood to be ‘still being pursued’ in the medium to long term.

The site’s surface is currently deemed suitable for the use as a temporary car park but where necessary the existing site surface would be treated with crushed stone, this will ensure that the surface would be suitable for the parking of cars whilst still reflecting the temporary nature of the use.

The former Bangor City Social Club which was demolished in 2008