David Daniel Hayes will serve 23 years in prison after being found guilty of twelve child sex offence charges, including rape and sexual assault, against children under the age of 10.

Hayes, 40, who lived on Anglesey at the time of the offences, was also a former press officer at Bangor City. Hayes fled the UK after his original court appearance in 2015 in an attempt to avoid justice, but was eventually found working as a private English teacher under a false name in Granada, Spain, in July 2018.

North Wales Police made several appeals to find him and while he was on the run and at the time Hayes was one of Europol’s most wanted criminals, an appeal to find Hayes was also made on BBC’s Crimewatch. After his capture Hayes was extradited back to the UK to face the charges.

The abuse was carried out over a three-year period, although Hayes had denied all 12 charges against him, including child rape, sexually assaulting children aged 10 or under, and inciting them to engage in sexual acts.

Judge Rhys Rowlands sentenced Hayes to three concurrent extended sentences of 15 years for two rapes and an oral rape. He was given a consecutive extended term of eight years for another serious sexual assault and was also given an extended licence of two years in total meaning he will serve 23 years in jail, plus two years on licence.

Hayes sat impassively in the dock and was shaking his head during the sentence. Judge Rowlands told Hayes that he had shown no remorse and that “He was trying to avoid responsibility (by fleeing to Spain) for these frankly revolting acts.

He added: “You have been convicted on compelling evidence – guilty of the most serious offences against very young and very vulnerable children.

“I see absolutely no evidence of contrition or remorse on your part. In fact it’s quite the opposite,”

A spokesperson for NSPCC Cymru/Wales: “Hayes tried to evade justice for the appalling crimes he committed against children and the long jail term imposed reflects the danger he poses.

“He forced his young victims to relive in court the abuse they suffered at his hands and they must be commended for their bravery at speaking out and helping to put Hayes behind bars where he cannot hurt others.

“While justice has finally caught up with Hayes, it is important that the survivors of his abuse receive the support they need to help rebuild their lives.”

North Wales Police

Detective Sergeant Katie Ellis of the Protecting Vulnerable Persons Unit said: “Hayes committed abhorrent abuse against these children whilst in a position of trust and took away their childhoods.”

“He then mistakenly believed he could evade justice by fleeing to Spain; however North Wales Police in collaboration with the National Crime Agency, Crimestoppers and the Crown Prosecution Service, actively pursued him ensuring that he faced trial.”

DS Ellis added:  “I would like to commend the children in this case who showed great courage in speaking out against Hayes, they displayed significant strength of character throughout the police investigation along with their family. The significant sentence reflects the gravity of the offences committed and should serve as a warning that serious offences will result in lengthy prison sentences.

“It is important to reassure victims that North Wales Police will provide the support throughout every stage of the investigation and through any subsequent court proceedings. North Wales Police take matters of this nature very seriously and so it is reassuring to see this reflected in the sentence passed out.”

Iwan Jenkins of the CPS said: “Hayes forced himself upon two children, repeatedly abusing them for his own pleasure.”

“The CPS presented a strong case to the jury resulting in these convictions, which is a testament to the courage the children have shown.

“Whilst the convictions cannot change what happened we hope they will help the children in moving on with their lives.”

The family have made the following statement

“We are relieved that that this nightmare is finally over and we can start to try to rebuild our lives. We would like to thank all the police forces involved in the case from the very beginning to the end, especially DS Katie Ellis who has been amazing throughout. We would also like to thank CPS for all their hard work in bringing our family the justice we have been waiting so long for.”