Students from Coleg Menai’s Art Foundation Course have been busy creating artworks to celebrate the Wales-China festival, which will be on display at Pontio in Bangor. The students have also created a video presentation relating to the Wales-China theme which will be displayed on the video-wall.

The Wales-China Festival (16-18 February 2018) is an intercultural event to spark dialogue between Chinese and Welsh communities in Bangor and the surrounding area, and to explore the British East Asian experience, with a high-quality artistic programme covering literature, art and languages of Wales and China.

Owein Prendergast, course leader of the Art Foundation course in Coleg Menai, said: “The course is a one year pre degree course. Our students go on to study degrees in Art and Design all over the UK.

“We have worked with Pontio in the past, and in September we were approached to see if we were interested in producing art work to be installed in Pontio during their Wales China festival.

“It’s been a huge and ambitious project, but the students have embraced it and produced some very exciting work. we try to have at least one ‘live’ project a year, this is by far the biggest, and most successful to date.

“The project started with a focus meeting with Chinese students from the university, one of the biggest messages we had was that work must be Red. The students worked on finding links between Welsh and Chinese culture.

“There are several hanging pieces as well as a video, for the video wall.“