A new long term strategy and vision will be launched this week to develop the whole of Bangor as a City of Learning and Culture, enabling the city to reach its full potential and maximise the benefits for local people.

Gwynedd Council have commissioned LDA Design to develop the ‘Master Plan‘ with the newly formed Bangor Strategic Partnership, which includes Bangor City Council, Bangor University, the Welsh Government, Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board and Bangor Improvement District.

The aim is to create a better-connected city, making it a healthier and more prosperous place to live.

In particular the aim is to seek a more integrated, joined-up approach to a city plan that has the potential to:

  • improve the lives of citizens
  • promote efficiencies
  • prevent disjointed planning processes
  • reduce costs
  • enable economic growth
  • enhance vibrancy and culture
  • meet sustainability challenges now and in the future

The Council is already engaged with representatives from across all aspects of the city who are taking part in structured workshops during the week. The organisers also want local residents and business owners to come and share their knowledge of the area and ideas for how to shape the future growth of the city, in an open drop in session on Tuesday evening, 2 April from 5pm to 7.30pm at the CoLab in Pontio, Bangor.

With more than 11,000 students in Bangor, the Master Plan will also look at ways of strengthening connections between Bangor University and the local community, taking a place-based approach to end ‘town and gown’ divide, embedding lifelong learning at the heart of Bangor’s cultural and civic identity.

LDA Design is behind recent town and city Master Plans for Plymouth, Shrewsbury and Exeter. The independent consultancy also developed the master plan for UCL East in London, which establishes a new campus model rooted firmly in its Stratford setting, drawing in the community and visitors to support more widespread local opportunities.

Clare Wilks, project leader and associate at LDA Design said: “Bangor is a remarkable small city with a stunning natural setting but it needs to make more of its natural assets, take greater advantage of its University and its role as a centre of learning.

“Our aim will be to make the experience of working, living and visiting Bangor much better through improved public realm and place-making.”

This week, LDA Design kicks off the visioning process with a Big Masterplan Week, bringing all key stakeholders together to imagine just what is possible and to maximise benefits for all.

LDA Design director Bernie Foulkes explains: “We propose to engage with the strategic partnership and key organisations and individuals in Bangor in a way that hasn’t happened before. Our Big Masterplan Week will, we hope, create a fantastic sense of collective endeavour and commitment to transforming the town.”