If you fancy giving running a go but feel a little apprehensive about starting, especially on your own, why not join the next Beginners Running Group at Penrhyn Castle, Bangor.

The next Beginners Running Group will be starting on 8th October and over 8 weeks you will given help and support you to run at your own pace around the beautiful and relaxing surroundings of Penrhyn Castle, with the aim to eventually complete the 5k Penrhyn Parkrun on the final week of the programme.

Running is a great way to get moving, and in a great setting and it’s free! Not everyone has the confidence to start jogging on their own or join the local gym, and matter what your ability and fitness level (or lack of) you can enjoy walking, jogging and running, inspired by the beautiful scenery of Penrhyn Castle!

The sessions are back by popular demand between October and November 2017. Starting at 10am they will take place before the Castle is open to the general public to ensure a quiet and relaxed atmosphere and gently ease you into running. Before you know it, you’ll be running 5k!

Penrhyn parkrun

Every Saturday morning a friendly community of local runners and joggers, prams and dogs on leads gather to take part in the Penrhyn parkrun, a free timed 5km run around the castle.

By following the same route, the Beginners Running Group sessions will help you gain in confidence as well as fitness as you build towards taking part in our parkrun on the final week of the programme.

But not to worry, even this final goal will be designed to ease you into the world of running. There is no pressure to finish fastest and nobody is left behind – it’s all about having fun in the great outdoors.

Catherine Southall, who will be running for the 1st time at these groups, explains why she has decided to take part:

“I’ve never been the fittest and to be honest I was always either too embarrassed to join a gym or to go running on the streets around where I live. It will be nice to be in a small group, behind closed doors but in the great outdoors!”

“It will also be great to think that everyone might be struggling and out of puff, and that we’re in it together rather than a competing against each other”

Beginners running group Autumn 2017 – Sundays 10am-11am – 8 weeks in total

8 October

15 October

22 October

29 October

5 November

12 November

19 November

25 November (final session is a Saturday, Penrhyn Parkrun)

Free (Normal admission does NOT apply)

For any questions please e-mail
RunLeaderTeam@nationaltrust.org.uk or call 01248 353084