The Curator of Bangor University’s Botanic Garden at Treborth, Natalie Chivers, has helped win a Gold Medal at the Chelsea Flower show, for her work on the Montessori St Nicholas Garden.

Natalie was part of the planting-scheme design team for the garden and spent the whole of last week up to her elbows in soil and planting all the carefully selected blooms for the Garden.

The garden featured an edible living wall, dipping ponds and a cut flower garden where kids could cut flowers and make “potions”.

Natalie has been working at the Chelsea Flower Show since 2014 when she was part of Adam Frost’s Last Ever Show Garden on Main Avenue. This sparked her passion for garden design and landscaping. She is now part of a highly experienced planting design team, who are commissioned every year to produce amazing plant schemes for Chelsea Flower Show Gardens.

Natalie said: “There’s no feeling like it makes all the hard work and long hours totally worth it. Working at RHS Shows is so inspiring and it’s wonderful to be able to bring all this inspiration home to Treborth.

“This year’s garden was particularly poignant as over the last year Treborth and our partner organisation Wild Elements have been working very closely with local schools. We are now even more driven to get local school children excited about gardens growing things and being outside.”

Natalie teaches Bangor University students on plant diversity and conservation modules that form part of the many degrees taught by the School of Natural Sciences.