The word ‘Bangorrhea’ has been trending this week, after the official pages of the TV Show QI (Quite Interesting) featured it as their ‘word of the day’.

The British comedy panel game television quiz show created and co-produced by John Lloyd and presented by Sandi Toksvig, featured ‘BANGORRHEA’ on their social media pages as a ‘Quite Interesting’ fact from the team behind the BBC TV show.

‘BANGORRHEA’ is quite harmless and certainly doesn’t require a visit to you Doctor! ….. It simply means the overuse of exclamation points!!!!

Many of those “suffering” from ‘Bangorrhea’ would argue that exclamation marks are an attempt to achieve emotional emphasis or make your writing more exciting and engaging.

The Urban Dictionary defines ‘Bangorrhea’ as “Overusing exclamation points in a vain and failing attempt to make your writing sound more exciting. Trying to put more “bang” in your prose, but looking instead like you have exclamation point diarrhea.”

“Checking in with a bad case of ‘bangorrhea’ — the official ‘grammedical’ term for exclamation-point overdose — is Kanye West. In a single blog post, West used 188 exclamation points. At least we think it was 188. We tried counting and the ordeal made our eyeballs twitch.” – Martha Brockenbrough, MSN Encarta columnist.

The ‘bang’ of ‘Bangor rhea’ comes from an alternative name for the exclamation point. Some believe that it ultimately comes from the world of comic books, where the BANG! of a firing gun was often indicated by a speech bubble with only an exclamation point in it.

The -rhea part of bangorrhea is co-opted from diarrhea, “to flow often without control”

Have a great day!!!!