Most universities offer extra-curricular opportunities for students to enjoy in their spare time, such as various sports club and societies. Bangor’s Students’ Union offers over 150 student-run clubs and societies, which includes over 60 sports clubs such as Basketball, Boxing, Cheerleading, Football, Golf and Gymnastics.

University societies bring together like-minded people and include interests such as drama, photography, comedy and cooking. All the sports clubs and societies are free to join and students can try and join as many as they like. If students still can’t find an activity or society that they enjoy they are free to start a new one!

Bangor University’s clubs and societies were named the best in the UK at the ‘Whatuni’ Student Choice Awards 2017, but here a six clubs and societies at Bangor you possibly never knew existed

1. Quidditch – Based on a fictional game which is featured in the Harry Potter series, and yes the players really are on broomsticks! Quidditch is a mixed gender, full contact sport that caters to any athletic level from novice to professional.

Placing at the top of the regional rankings, Bangor are a well established team in the Quidditch community. The aim this year is to qualify for the European Cup which would take Bangor to Belgium to play against other top teams from around Europe.

2. Bangor University Wrestling Appreciation Society

A society that appreciates the wrestling that happens. From WWE, to New Japan Pro Wrestling and Lucha Underground, this group love to meet up and discuss all of the wrestling they’ve watched, including predictions on upcoming fights.

3. Tea Time Society

Tea enthusiasts (who admit to sometimes drinking coffee) meet weekly to have a bit of calm in the midst of the storm of term time. Meeting every Wednesday 12-2, they undertake a variety of tea-related activities, including tea-tasting and alternative culture studies.

4. Masters of Pokémon

At Bangor University Masters of Pokémon Society (BUMPS), gather on Thursday evenings to play the games and the cards. Hosting Pokemon tournaments, movie marathons and even Pokémon Pub Crawls! You don’t need to be a competitive genius to join, just turn up and have fun!

5. Table Top Society

Bangor’s board game society are a society that aims to spread the enjoyment of playing tabletop gaming, playing board games and card games as well as miniature games. They have a large collection of games suited to both casual and serious gamers, and meet on Wednesday nights and Saturday nights in the main arts from 6-10pm. If you have your own games you can bring them along too.

Bangor Uni Brony Society

Bangor ‘Brony’ Society Set Up in 2014

6. The Brony Society

The Bangor Brony Society was set up in 2014 but is now seemingly defunct, The Brony Society was set up with the growing fandom of My Little Pony. The name ‘Brony’ is derived from the connection of ‘Bro’ because of the surprising amount of male My Little Pony fans and ‘Pony’

The society was set up with the aim of discovering the ‘Secret of Magic‘ and having ‘tonnes of fun‘.