Bangor Rugby Club have launched a ‘Touch Rugby’ session every Wednesday evening at 6.30pm, encouraging people to have fun and get fit at the same time. The sessions are free and open to both men and women over the age of 16.

Touch rugby is similar to regular rugby but the players do not tackle each other, instead they touch their opponents to ‘tackle’ using their hands on the body, clothing, or the ball.

With its ease of learning and the decreased likelihood of injury, Touch Rugby is becoming a popular social game in the UK, with mixed-gender and women-only games are also becoming very popular.

Adam Hardman, a coach at Bangor Rugby Club said: “I used to attend a really good touch rugby session at Macc rugby club. I also played in a couple of tournaments in London.

“Touch rugby allows my body to keep fit, keep a level of skill and be involved in a team sport with people who enjoy a laugh and are competitive.

“It’s also a way of getting more involved with the club and attracting people to the club which should be a nucleus in the community. It‘s great to have these sessions in Bangor”

For more information contact Adam on: 07738 019 200

or email: