A public meeting will be held at Ysgol Y Faenol, Bangor, on Thursday 29 November, to discuss problems with slow and problematic broadband services which are affecting the public and businesses.

The meeting has been arranged by Arfon Am Sian Gwenllian and the Labour Welsh Government Minister, Julie James, will also be in attendance, her ministerial responsibilities include digital infrastructure, broadband and mobile services. All members of the public are welcome to attend the meeting.

Sian said: “Having fast, reliable access to broad band in the home and at work has become as vital as having electricity. Broadband is essential for business and for education; broadband affects most parts of our lives and it should be available to everyone.

“Since being elected to represent the Arfon constituency, problems of access and reliability with broadband had been one of the consistent matters brought up by constituents. So next week, I will be holding a public meeting in Ysgol Y Faenol, Bangor with the Labour Welsh Government Minister who is responsible for broadband, Julie James.

“In many communities even though fibre is available, electors are having problems getting connected to the fast service, with all sorts of excuses being made.

“In other areas, fibre has been installed but a handful of houses have been left out of the scheme, even when all the cables have been installed by Openreach. We have been contacted by electors in Nebo, Nasareth, Tregarth, Talybont and Waen Pentir who are completely frustrated that their properties have been left out for some reason. They are asking why doesn’t Openreach finish connecting whole communities at a time rather than leaving out five or six properties?

“But it’s not only the rural parts that are under a disadvantage; problems also persist in the city of Bangor. Would you believe it, a brand new housing development – Goetre Uchaf – is without superfast broadband.

“The Bangor exchange has been enabled for fibre, but the cabinet that serves some of the houses cannot handle fibre. We’ve been told by BT that the cabinet does not meet the criteria for being included in commercial roll-out plans. Bangor is losing out, despite being a city and one of the flagships in the superfast broad band programme. The nearby Parc Menai business park also suffers for the same reasons.”

When: Thursday, 29 November 2018, 7.30pm
Where: Ysgol Y Faenol, Penrhosgarnedd, Bangor, LL57 2NN