Bangor University Karate Union have recently taken part in a global campaign to keep Karate as part of the Paris 2024 Olympics.

The Olympics is the highlight of the sporting calendar, and been a part of it is a dream for most sports. Most recently, Karate was accepted as a sport for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. A fitting place considering Japan is the birthplace of Karate.

However, just two weeks ago came the news that Karate would not be a part of the 2024 Olympics in Paris. This news shook the Karate world. How this decision could be made before the deciding committee had had a chance to see the world’s response to Karate in the Tokyo Olympics was confusing.

Since the news broke the World Karate Federation has created a petition signed by over 38,000 people (link at bottom of article) and a global challenge created to show support for the movement.

Karate Olympic Sport is what everyone is shouting and #tsukiforkarate2024 (tsuki means punch) is the campaign. As such, the Bangor Karate Union did their part and joined the campaign through the sharing of their video and photos but also signing the petition. The club and the rest of Karateka’s around the world would be grateful for all those that join in, sign this petition, and raise awareness of this campaign.

Please sign the petition: CLICK HERE