The café in Bangor’s Deiniol Centre – Caffi Deiniol – is in the process of being transformed into a new fairly-priced, zero food waste, locally sourced café, which will be a community collaboration between Bangor Cathedral, the City of Bangor and the University.

Decorators, cleaners and electricians have been busy over the last few weeks transforming the café from shabby to something a little more chic.

The aim of the project is to create a new community space in Bangor based around food at a fair price, locally sourced and with zero food waste. The project has already captured the imagination of those involved and the aim is to provide tasty food in a peaceful and pleasant setting.

The café will be run by volunteers, with a manager in place and with input from Bangor Cathedral, business people, shoppers, stake holders in the city and Bangor University.

Nathan Jarvis, from Bangor Cathedral, said: “We wanted to create a place of hospitality and welcome in the city that was more that a café, and more than a community space.

“Combining the two seems to be offering something that Bangor needs. We have several groups interested in using the space, as well as lots of customers who knew it as a cafe years ago.

“There will be various activities such as a sewing club, a venue for a men’s friendship breakfast, an after-school snack club for kids, a place for therapeutic communities to meet and the list goes on and on. We are very exited about the possibilities!”

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