Bangor Community Group are looking for someone very special to help out with a magical event in December ……. Father Christmas!

On the 8th December a magical Christmas Grotto will be opening in Bangor, as part of the ‘Bangor Christmas Star’ event, giving local children the opportunity to visit Father Christmas and his elves, but there’s a problem, Father Christmas is on holiday!

Father Christmas has booked into a luxury spa for the day with Mrs Christmas, so Bangor Community group are appealing for a deputy on Saturday 8th December between 10am-4pm.

Santa’s suit will be available, as he won’t be using it that day, and warm drinks and snacks will be provided, no previous experience is needed but you will need plenty of Ho Ho Ho!

If you can help Bangor Community Group please contact them via their Facebook page or Sara Jones, Donna Jefferys, Clair Tipton-Pritchard or Natt Robb