Members of Bangor City Supporters Association have voted overwhelmingly in favour of starting a new football club and applying to play in the Welsh pyramid system next season.

Bangor City have faced numerous problems over the last twelve months which has caused increasing tension between the club owners Vaughan Sports Management (VSM) and the Supporters Association. Off-field problems have seen the club relegated from the Welsh Premier League due to financial reasons, resignation of the club’s auditors, unpaid utility bills resulting in the stadium being closed and debts of over £100,000.

At the extraordinary general meeting held this evening, Wednesday 10 April, members overwhelmingly voted in favour of two important courses of action in direct response to the well-publicised difficulties of Bangor City Football Club.

A statement from the supporters club read: “Members firstly voted for a change in the status of the Association through its incorporation as a Community Benefit Society (or Supporters’ Trust). In addition, and perhaps more significantly, members voted to set up a new football club.

“The Association wishes to make it clear that the new club is not being set up in opposition to Bangor City FC, but as insurance against what we consider to be the real threat to top level football being played in the City.

“The present structure of Bangor City FC is unsustainable. Information in the public domain shows that liquidation continues to be a risk. The licence failure, demotion and raft of unpaid bills have led to falling crowds and an atmosphere of mistrust. To make matters worse there also appears to be a culture of denial and secrecy rather than a coherent plan to rectify the situation. An open letter to the club from the Association has neither been formally acknowledged or responded to.

“Over recent months the SA Committee have taken some initial steps in preparation for the possibility of a new club through liaison with the Football Association of Wales (FAW) and local stakeholders, as a result we have a provisional agreement to use a Tier 3 compliant ground in the Bangor area.

“We have also approached a well-respected local management team and come to preliminary agreements with a kit supplier. We will now ensure that new club is registered with the FAW before a deadline of 1st June.

“The hope is that tonight’s decision will allow the fans, local community and businesses to develop a mutually respectful partnership that re-energises the football community of the City and local area.

“We want fans to reconnect with each other and restore the pride and feeling of being a supporter of our historic club. The new club is a creative and positive solution for an ever-changing and precarious situation. We are not disowning Bangor City FC or its history, the club is OURS, it belongs to the fans and local community. “Owners” will come and go but the people remain. Keep the faith.”