Bangor City Councillors have rejected the opportunity to increase car parking charges in Bangor, in favour of encouraging footfall to the city centre.

Under the scheme, offered by Gwynedd Council, Town and Community Councils had the opportunity to raise car parking charges by 10% and receive the extra revenue from denoted car parks in their community. The additional income would go towards environmental, social or economic projects within the community.

However, at a meeting of Bangor City Council on Monday, councillors declined to take part in the scheme over fears it would further discourage shoppers from visiting Bangor.

A spokesperson for Bangor City Council said: “The main reason the idea was rejected was that the financial benefit was outweighed by community interest.

“It was felt that a further 10% increase on car parking fees was unfair in the current economic climate, it would not encourage people into the City to shop and goes against the Council’s policy which is to increase footfall and help the local economy.

“Also the finance it would raise for the City Council coffers would not stretch very far in terms of a tangible outcome.”