More pictures have been released of the damage caused by vandals during a break in at Bangor Cathedral, on Friday 18th August 2017. The Cathedral remained closed for several days following the attack and a fund raising page has now been set up after the extent and cost of the repairs has become clear.

Distorted vertical barrier at the High Altar


Plinth where a carved gilt-angel was removed

A community concert was held on Monday when local musicians performed to raise funds towards both repairing the damage caused and also the commissioning of an art-work to commemorate this generation’s strong links with the Cathedral and Bangor’s community spirit.

The costs of the repairs to the Cathedral are being described as ‘colossal’ as damage was caused to intricate, Victorian wood-work, as well as an entire stained-glass panel being ruined. Further damage also included the destruction of a metal processional cross which will have to be completely replaced, the same with a gilt, carved angel from the High Alter which was destroyed, as well as two broken windows used for entry to the premises. The photos also show how the vandals have completely distorted the vertical barrier at the High Altar, as well as kicking in a panel of wood above the choir stalls. The entire panel of the stained glass window has been broken and will need expert repairing. The photo also shows the plinth where the carved gilt-angel was ripped from its stand and then thrown through the stained glass window behind it.

The processional cross broken by vandals

The Very Rev Kathy Jones, Dean of Bangor, said: “All they are really doing is putting themselves in danger and creating unnecessary and heartbreaking work for us to clear up.”

A North Wales Police spokesman said: “This was a despicable act damaging such a well-loved and significant local building and every effort is being made to trace those responsible.