Bangor Business Improvement District (BID) unveiled its new branding & website last night, as it hopes to attract more businesses to Bangor.

The unveiling of the new brand, which was held at Pontio, was well attended and represented by a good cross-section of businesses, local councillors, university staff and students.

The New Logo

The new branding is described as a dynamic, ever evolving project, which welcomes input from everyone. The aim is to help realise the vision that Bangor is the place for visiting, working, enjoying and living in North Wales. The three partner organisations involved in the new branding are Bangor BID, Bangor City Council and Bangor University.

The theme for the new logo, which spells out the word Bangor, is based on flags which represent diversity and some of the 90 countries from which international students come in order to study in Bangor. The logo also represents the nautical theme of the city, which includes Porth Penrhyn and Bangor Pier. The vibrant colours are intended to reinforce the positive message that Bangor is the place to be and is open for business.

Bangor BID

A Business Improvement District is a geographical area where local businesses have voted to invest collectively to improve their trading neighbourhood. BIDs provide additional or improved services as identified and requested by local businesses. BIDs can only be created if voted in by the businesses that would be part of it. Once established, BIDs have a mandate to run for five years, after which businesses vote again on whether it should continue for another five years.

Bangor businesses voted in favour of the Bangor BID in September 2015, 42% of eligible businesses voted and 68% voted in favour of the BID, which was officially launched in April 2016.

Businesses in Bangor pay a levy to BID, approximately 1-2% of their rateable value, this is then used to invest in events, maintenance and to approve the appearance of the BID area. There are over 300 businesses in Bangor and BID is expected to raise over £600,00 over five years, which will then be invested to improve the city.

Retailers Are Worried

Local businesses however are concerned about the amount of people visiting Bangor, Antoniazzi’s – penguin café, on Bangor High Street, posted a photo on their facebook page yesterday and said: “Should Bangor high street be like this at 2.00 in the afternoon? Rain or not. Something needs to be done!”

You can visit the new website here:

or you can email comments to:

Antoniazzi's Bangor

Antoniazzi’s – penguin cafe posted a photo on their facebook page yesterday, they are worried about the lack of people on Bangor High Street.