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Eight Bangor University students selected for Welsh Universities squads

Eight students from Bangor University have been selected for Welsh Universities squads that will partake in the biannual Home Nations tournament taking place between 16 – 18 April in both Cardiff and Glasgow. Men’s and Women’s Football teams representing Welsh Universities will take on their English and Scottish counterparts in Cardiff, with Men’s and Women’s Hockey matches taking place in Glasgow and Cardiff respectively. Netball matches between the nations will be hosted by the University of Hertfordshire. The teams then compete in a round robin tournament, with each game counting towards the overall Home Nation championship. Bangor University’s contingent...

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Bangor Pier restoration faces £600,000 shortfall

Bangor City Council are faced with a shortfall of nearly £600,000 for essential restoration work on Garth Pier. The restoration work commenced in August 2017 and the council have spent £1.3million on the work, money which they already had in reserve for the project. Detailed incremental surveys undertaken last year revealed more challenging problems and the extent of the metal decay. The survey showed that trusses supporting the end of the pier were so weak and corroded there was a real risk of the pier collapsing, this resulted in the pierhead closing to the public in June 2018 due...

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Regulate cannabis and allow people to grow their own

Cannabis should be regulated to cut out organised crime and people should be allowed to grow a limited amount for their own personal use, according to North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner, Arfon Jones. Mr Jones believes cannabis should be legally controlled just like alcohol and tobacco, which he believes have caused more harm to individuals and society in general. The commissioner, a former police officer, is a long-standing campaigner for the reform of drugs laws because, he says, they just don’t work. He is now calling for a new licensing system to be introduced so that cannabis could...

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Bangor Nursing course cuts will have ‘devastating effect’

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) have warned that cuts to the Learning Disability Nursing course at Bangor University will have a ‘devastating effect’ on students and patient care across North Wales. Bangor University has decided to reduce staffing levels for the Learning Disability Nursing course by half a post, which means the current two and a half staff will be reduced to two full-time equivalent posts. It said the decision was in response to not recruiting “sufficient students to meet its targets” and to the current “challenging financial landscape” facing the higher education sector in the UK. A...

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Meeting planned to discuss Hirael Coastal Defence Project

Residents and property owners in the Hirael area of Bangor are being invited to attend a drop-in event to discuss the Hirael Coastal Defence Project. As part of the Welsh Government’s Coastal Risk Management Programme (CRMP), Gwynedd Council is currently investigating the flooding risk to the area. Parts of Hirael are low-lying and could be vulnerable to flooding from the sea; this risk is expected to increase in future due to climate change and sea level rise. Gwynedd Council, which manages the coastal flood defences, hopes the study will identify a range of options to manage future flooding in...

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