Author: The Bangor Aye

North Wales Police warn Bangor residents to be vigilant

North Wales Police have asked Bangor residents to be vigilant after they have received reports that a woman has been knocking on people’s doors asking for money. Over recent days officers have received reports of a suspicious woman calling at properties in the Coed y Castell and Penrhosgarnedd areas asking for either money or for a petrol can as her car has broken down. Sergeant Dana Baxter who is based at Bangor Police Station said: “Enquiries are ongoing to trace her however we are advising people not to give her money and to phone us if they witness suspicious...

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Gwynedd Council Issue Unlicensed Taxi Warning

Gwynedd Council have issued a warning about unlicensed and uninsured fake ‘taxi’ drivers who are taking advantage of unsuspecting customers. With the festive season fast approaching and the demand for taxis increasing, so does the risk of unlicensed and uninsured individuals taking advantage of the situation and making money out of those needing a lift home. Gwynedd council are now aiming to clamp down on unlicensed cabs to ensure that residents have access to a reliable and trustworthy taxi service to get them home safely after a night out. The council have warned: “Those individuals offering lifts via social...

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Last Orders at BB’s Warehouse Bangor

BB’s Warehouse on Caernarfon road in Bangor, a franchise of Bargian Booze, has closed down. The store opened in June 2016, at the former Blockbuster video shop, and stocked 1,200 lines of beers, wines and spirits, including many imported beers, big brand names as well as offering beers from local North Wales breweries. BB’s also offered customers the unique experience of being able to ‘try before you buy’ at a pour your own drinks station, as well as offering a selection of liquors which could be personalised in a variety of gift bottles. The store has been closed for the...

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Lottery grant to fund Bangor University WWI shipwreck search project

A Heritage Lottery grant of more £400,000 will be used to search for sunken warships around the Welsh coast. The two year project will use the latest imaging techniques to reveal underwater wrecks from World War One. The project will be run by the Royal Commission in partnership with Bangor University and the Nautical Archaeology Society. Richard Bellamy, head of the Heritage Lottery Fund, said the project will “look at a part of Wales’s history that lots of people might not know about. “The project will combine the latest technology with First World War heritage to uncover a key...

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Lost Spanish masterpiece found at Penrhyn Castle

The 17th-century portrait of a Spanish writer, which has adorned the walls of Penrhyn Castle in Bangor, for nearly 150 years, and assumed by the National Trust, which owns the castle, to be of no great value, has been identified as a lost masterpiece by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, one of the great Spanish painters. Bartolomé Esteban Murillo’s 17th-century portrait had long been thought to be a copy until an art expert, Dr Benito Navarrete Prietovisited, visited Penrhyn Castle. Dr Prieto, a distinguished art scholar, made the journey from Seville to North Wales on a hunch that a painting assumed...

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