Author: The Bangor Aye

Sam Jones Strike Sinks Conwy

Bangor City won at Conwy thanks to a second-half strike from Sam Jones and – minutes later – a wonderful penalty save from Nathan Wolland. Regardless of shirt numbers City lined up with Michael Johnston alongside Mike Williams – both were superb – with sixteen year old Kian Owen on the left and Jordan Piggott – twenty last week – at rightback. Tom Reilly added spark and graft to midfield alongside Gethin Thomas and Gary Taylor Fletcher. Attacking the Social Club end on a mild dry evening Bangor forced a couple of early corner with the home defence looking...

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No Deal Brexit would put North Wales in ‘real danger’

A police boss has warned again that a No Deal Brexit would put the people of North Wales in real danger. North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Arfon Jones fears the police will be powerless to arrest foreign crime suspects on the spot if Britain loses access to European databases and agreements. It would not be possible, for example, for North Wales Police to detain suspects until a warrant was obtained from the courts even when checks showed an individual was wanted overseas. That meant, he said, that suspected offenders could abscond if the police had to rely on...

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Beach Road recycling bins removed after persistent fly-tipping

The recycling bins in the Beach Road car park are being removed due to misuse and repeated problems with fly-tipping. The bins have been provided at the site for a number of years in partnership with Gwynedd Council and the social enterprise Antur Waunfawr, who provide a network of recycling bins for papers, magazines, glass and cans. The service initially played an important part of the local waste management strategy, but with the provision of weekly recycling services from the council for every property and the continuous misuse of the bins and fly-tipping, the council felt they had no...

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100 more North Wales Police officers trained to use Tasers

North Wales Police will be training an extra 100 police officers to use Tasers, which means that 400 of the 1,450 officers across the region will regularly carry or have access to the device. The Police and Crime Commissioner is providing funding of £136,000 which will be spent on training and equipment. This will include an additional 200 of the new X2 Taser devices. Each officer selected to undergo training will go through a rigorous assessment process, in line with national guidelines, to ensure that they are suitable to carry the device. Chief Constable Carl Foulkes said: “It is...

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Bangor University academics share expertise to help the Welsh government

Three new research fellows from Bangor University are joining the National Assembly as part of a programme of shared knowledge between higher education institutions and the Welsh government. The academics from the Schools of Law and Health Sciences and Natural Sciences will be sharing their expertise on vital issues that will help Assembly Members to develop policy and practice for the benefit of the people of Wales. This follows on from Bangor University’s participation in the successful pilot scheme. The new fellows have been selected for the prestigious Academic Fellowship Scheme through a competitive application process. The new programme...

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