Armed police arrested a ‘number’ of people in Bangor on Sunday when they stopped a vehicle and seized what they believed to be Class A drugs, the driver was also arrested on suspicion of drug driving.

The police operation was actively targeting those involved in ‘County Lines’ – which involvers drug dealers from big cities such as Liverpool and Manchester targeting more rural areas to sell drugs, this has been a particular problem in Bangor and along the North Wales coast.

The Cheshire and North Wales armed police unit tweeted: “Cheshire & N Wales Armed Police Unit actively target criminality involved in County Lines. The West Armed response Vehicle, locked up a number of persons for supply of class A & Drug driving following a stop in Bangor. Our colleagues from Gwynedd are now investigating.”

New North Wales chief constable, Carl Foulkes, has targeted County Lines and organised crime Gangs as one of his priorities. Mr Foulkes said: “We do suffer from organised crime and we are seeing evermore a better understanding of the impact of organised crime and the link to county lines specifically, where we have young people, vulnerable people who can’t support themselves that are being targeted and abused by organised crime gangs.”

“I want to make us more preventative. I think policing has become quite reactive in its approach, and I want to start solving the problems that are affecting our communities, to build a long term legacy for the future.”

Photo: Cheshire & N Wales Alliance Armed Policing Unit.