For the last few months staff in the Archives & Special Collections department at Bangor University have been working on a project to learn more about former Students and Staff who died during the First World War.

The aim of the project was to identify all ninety seven men listed on the War Memorial Plaques located outside the Pritchard Jones Hall to put faces and stories to the names.

Staff hoped to find out who these men were, where they came from, who they served with and how they died. The research proved challenging and required the research team to really dig deep into the Archives and Library resources to identify and piece together the lives of the individuals.

Student Registers were one of the first resources used to match up the names from the plaques. Only initials and surnames are given on the memorials which meant searching through thousands of names in the registers to make sure the names matched the right people – in some cases identification proved impossible because some of the names were so common and there was very little information available.

Other University records used included Committee records, Student Handbooks, Gazettes, Student photographs, Staff records, while local newspapers from the period were a useful resource for further personal details.

Military databases were used to research military careers and websites containing local War Memorial information helped in completing the research.

In undertaking this research staff also identified some men whose names were not included on the plaque and now to intend to research these individuals and eventually include them in the project. In addition the stories of the Students and Staff of the Normal College who enlisted and lost their lives during the war will also be researched.

For more information and to view the biographies of the fallen, please visit the Bangor University website here: