Aldi, the award-winning discount food retailer, has submitted plans to open a new, high-quality food store at the former Blakemore cash and carry site on Caernarfon Road in Bangor.

The proposals will see the former Blakemore building demolished and the vacant site transformed into an attractive, modern food store that will have a net sales area of 1,254m², 113 car parking spaces including dedicated disabled and parent-and-child parking and additional parking facilities for motorbikes and bicycles.

The proposal also includes improvements to Caernarfon Road around the shared point of access to the site and the neighbouring Dunelm store via the creation of a new mini-roundabout on Caernarfon Road.

Relocation of Aldi

The proposed store has been planned in order to replace the existing store on Garth Road, which is 22 years old having opened in February 1997 and no longer meets the requirements of Aldi or its customers. The existing store is now significantly smaller than Aldi’s current formats, providing insufficient floorspace, with a 758 sq.m sales floor and only 70 car parking spaces compared with new stores of over 1,800 sq m GIA with 1,254 sq.m. sales floor and over 100 car park spaces.

The constrained floor area has a number of key effects on the shopping experience. Aldi is not able to stock sufficient numbers of each item within its product range; the store has narrow, constrained aisles which means customers often cannot pass each other with trolleys; and there are not enough tills resulting in long queues into the aisles which creates further congestion for customers.

The lack of car park spaces also means that customers cannot park and go elsewhere. Each of these factors means that Aldi is not able to offer its customers the quality of shopping experience customers have come to expect.

Job Creation

The Current Aldi store in Bangor employs 27 staff. The proposed store will protect those jobs and is expected to create a further 10 new jobs. A range of roles are required in Aldi’s stores including store managers, store assistants, caretakers and warehouse staff.

Aldi provides a successful and highly regarded apprenticeship scheme and graduate scheme which provide extensive opportunities. As more stores open, Aldi is required to recruit and train additional area managers and distribution staff including delivery drivers and logistics staff. Thus, the benefits of a new store are significant to a local area and to the region. There would also be additional employment opportunities during construction phase.

A spokesperson for Aldi said: “We are delighted to announce our intentions to work with Freshwater to create a new Aldi store off Caernarfon Road.”

“A new store at this location would provide residents of Bangor with a greater level of parking, and a high-quality, modern store providing customers with a modern shopping experience, whilst still stocking the same range of award-winning products.”

Full Planning Documents can be found here:
Reference Number: C19/0398/11/LL