A New Way To Advertise in Bangor

New Customers are just one click away!

There’s a new way to Advertise in Bangor! ‘The Bangor Aye’ has tens of thousands of people from Bangor and the surrounding areas following across our social media network, which includes The Bangor Aye Website, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

“The most effective way of advertising is by frequent repetition” – Adverts on The Bangor Aye website will be seen again and again every time someone visits the website to read a local news story – Banner Adverts have been seen over 6 Million times on our website!

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  • Your Advert will be seen again & again every time someone visits the website
  • Adverts linked to your Website or Facebook Page – New Customers are just one click away!
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  • Working with & Promoting Local Businesses
  • Your Advert Will Be Seen By Tens of Thousands of people Every Month!

Local Advertising That Works!

Traditional advertising in newspapers or brochures can be totally unpredictable and expensive, they can contain hundreds of adverts and there’s no guarantee your advert will even be seen!

The Bangor Aye offers a new approach to Advertising that will achieve results! Your Advert will be seen every time someone reads a news article on The Bangor Aye website and a single click on the Advert will take potential customers to your website or Facebook page.

Each month we can send you a report on how many people have actually seen your Advert, giving you the peace of mind your Advert is actually working and your money has been well spent.

People are found on social media

Less and less people are reading newspapers, the digital world, with the growth of the internet, smart phones and tablets means that social media platforms provide people with all of the information that they want. If your business is looking to reach people, you need to be where people are and this is social media.

By adopting a personalised approach to advertising we can promote your advert across our social media network and offer a variety of advertising packages to suit your requirements.

Don’t just take our word for it ……

We had really good response, more than we’ve ever had before. It’s a shame when there aren’t enough jobs to go round, but I’ve not been in that position before either, so it’s all good. Social Media seems to be the way to reach people in this day and age. I don’t think people job hunt the same as the old days. Thank you again for your help.” J.Roberts, Manager, Tesco Bangor.

Thanks for all the support you have given Pontio in the last year and a half (since Pontio opened) to spread the word about our events – we really appreciate it, it makes a real difference to have networks like yours on board and spreading the word.” Gwen Sion, Communications Manager, Pontio, Bangor.

One month free for all new advertisers!

Following your advertisement we can provide feedback on how many people your advert reached and how effective it was. Using our social media network, your advert will reach thousands of people who live in Bangor and the surrounding areas.

Whether you want to advertise your business, property sales, special offers or a one-off event, The Bangor Aye offers a solution. If you have a job vacancy, we can help you find the right people for your business quickly and easily.

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This advert for Patrick’s Bar in Bangor has been seen over 1.7 million times!

This Advert was seen over 170,000 times

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Adverts seen over 6 Million times!